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Welcome to my Sims 4 content. The Sims 4 Community over the years has created some fantastically wonderful mods, and I'm happy to contribute to that in some small way.
All my content is free and always will be.

I have absolutely no problem with people recoloring my Sims 4 creations, even the ones with my own meshes, painting frames, etc. Knock yourself out. Just give me credit for the source.

What I DO have a problem with is reposting my creations behind your sleazy little paywall, and if that's your intent, you have zero permission to do anything.

For my complete public collection of Sims4 Mods, visit my page on


High-Resolution Tactical Map

Stand-alone high-resolution recolor of the Tactical Map, made buyable. Basegame compatible.

+10 ambience, +2 eco footprint, +2 environment score.
10 swatches