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Elegant Classical Genius Piano

Complete high-resolution textual overhaul of the Classical Genious Piano, made buyable.

The overall effect, after having removed the flower images on the ornamental trim and fixing the DST files produces a nice, simple, elegant appearance.

Base-game original on left, my recolor on right

Original on left, recolor on right with cleaned-up texture

Classical Genius Piano #1

My original set of recolors of the classical genius piano. Stand-alone base-game compatible Classical Piano made buyable and available in 10 new recolors: pink, blue, yellow, red, purple, green, orange, and three psychedelic color combinations.

Classical Genius Piano #4

Recolors of the Classical Genius Antique Piano, 13 in all. The two brown ones look very similar but one is slightly redder than the other.

Grand Plans Chess Table

8 swatches matching my Princess Cordelia Raised Wood Set and Cordelia Raised Wood (Black) set.

Matches both my red and black raised wood sets

Seance Table Recolors

High-resolution recolors of the Seance Table. Crystal ball separate download.

Requires Paranormal

(Crystal Ball separate download)

Crystal Ball Recolors

18 high-resolution recolors of Lady Ravendancer's Crystal Ball, both the crystal ball itself and its pedestal. The ball has been recategorized under Activities to be easy to find. Optional download for a retextured and fully functional seance table, categorized under Indoor Activities (click the game table).

Requires Paranormal