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Antique Typewriter No Case

Case and pedestal removed from the Antique Typewriter and made buyable. Stand-alone.

Includes a custom high-resolution texture available plus the original three. Original texture was 256x256, the new one is 2048x2048.

This is a decor item, not an appliance or computer.


Couple of books

2 high-resolution swatches of the Mega Couple of Books base-game object.


Craft Beers

25 swatches of craft beer cans. Base-game compatible.


High-res decor magazines

36 swatches of high resolution 2048x2048 magazines based on the debug career magazine base game object and made non-debug. Use the [ and ] keys to resize.


Hi-Res Where Do I Go Globe

7 swatches of high resolution 4096x4096 world maps for the Where Do I Go Globe, made buyable.

Misc decor, 1 simolean.