Classical Art

12 swatches of classical art ranging from early Renaissance to the Romantic era. Based on the Dogs Night In painting.

Requires Cats & Dogs

Gothic Vistas

29 gothic images set in one of my custom frames.

Cats and Dogs required

Harry Potter portraits

58 high-resolution swatches across two downloads of Harry Potter-themed portraits.

Get Together required

Joshua Reynolds Portraits

Sir Joshua Reynolds (16 July 1723 - 23 February 1792) was an English painter, specialising in portraits. He promoted the "Grand Style" in painting which depended on idealization of the imperfect. He was a founder and first president of the Royal Academy of Arts, and was knighted by George III in 1769.


These are not the complete portraits, but worked to fit the proportions of the frame.

Get Together required. 14 swatches.

Moonlit Rose Gothic Portraits

15 high-resolution swatches of vintage gothic portraits based on my modified mesh of the Moonlit Rose set of 3 paintings. Mesh is 1.7 times larger than normal and I've removed the side portraits. High-resolution custom texture on the portrait frame.

Requires Vampires

Space Prints

8 swatches of base-game compatible high-resolution space prints.

Tall Masted Ships

10 high-resolution swatches of vintage sailed tall-masted ships.

Cats and Dogs required

World Maps

20 high-resolution swatches of ancient and modern maps of the world using one of my own custom frames.

Requires Cats and Dogs

High-Resolution Tactical Map

Stand-alone high-resolution recolor of the Tactical Map, made buyable.

Basegame compatible.

+10 ambience, +2 eco footprint, +2 environment score.
10 swatches