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All-purpose Raised Desk Wood

I've applied a high-resolution marble texture and the "raised wood" texture that I used for my Princess Cordelia Raised Wood Set.


Princess Cordelia Raised Wood Set

High-resolution recolors of the base-game compatible Princess Cordelia furniture and related pieces. Resolution of all items at least double the default. Upholstery comes in several colors.


Hutch, original and my recolor

Dining Chairs

Bookcase, original and my recolor

Princess Cordelia Raised Wood Set (Black)

The same as my original recolor but in a heavy black lacquer.


Flawless Foldy Foldable Chair

Stand-alone texture overhaul of the City Living "Foldy Foldable" dining chair, now without scratches or dents, in 26 new colors.

Requires City Living


Thrill of the Chaise Lounge

11 swatches of the Thrill of the Chaise Lounge with deep shadows added. Standard resolution.

Requires Vampires Stuff Pack