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Smoresworthy Candles

These high-resolution (1024x512) recolors of the Smoreworthy Candle from Get Together include new textures for both the candles and their base. Bases available in bronze, iron, and wood. The blood candles are a rich mauve when lit and a dark plum when doused. The wood base version matches my Princess Cordelia Raised Wood furniture set.


original vs. my recolor

iron, copper, & wood holders

matches my raised wood set

The Aeon Intense Default Lights

A set of 8 lights based on the base-game Aeon light. The lights are pre-configured to glow a particular color, and are twice as intense as the default light for placement against dark backgrounds.

Because their color is pre-configured, you don't have to drop into live mode to have a Sim set the color, you simply select the appropriate-colored light in build mode.