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Smoresworthy Candles

These high-resolution recolors of the Smoreworthy Candle from Get Together. New textures for both the candles and their base. Bases available in bronze, iron, and wood. The blood candles are a rich mauve when lit and a dark plum when doused. The wood base version matches my Princess Cordelia Raised Wood furniture set.

original vs. my recolor

iron, copper, & wood holders

matches my raised wood set

The Aeon Intense Default Lights

A set of 8 lights based on the base-game Aeon light. The lights are pre-configured to glow a particular color, and are twice as intense as the default light for placement against dark backgrounds.

Because their color is pre-configured, you don't have to drop into live mode to have a Sim set the color, you simply select the appropriate-colored light in build mode.